NAM Global deals in all sorts of import and export of leather products, organic products, surgical instruments, clothes, textiles, sportswear, sports goods, etc. Our warehouses are in Dubai, Sharjah, & Ajman. Keeping in view the rise in demand for these globally used products, we aim to provide ease to our clientele for getting the needs at their doorsteps.NAM Global re-export local supplies and wholesale products from UAE to international destinations. We are doing the same from Hong Kong, Singapore, Pakistan, and Europe.

It deals with import and export facilities in various sectors. Fast Tracking processing of operations is part of our work. Huge investments and global clientage are our targets. We have a professional team of cooperative staff that makes our crew distinguished from our competitors. Legalities are our major concern in the import and export business.


Trade services are the best our clients can get from this project of ours that highlights their needs. Complete documentation and agreement work is our top priority to maintain our client’s trust in us for trade business. Professional work is guaranteed to our clients from our team to meet international standards and services against our competitors. Our services are offered globally to overseas clients for their convenience with the best shipping services of original products.


Our services offer import-export facilities of products from around the globe to our clients. We believe in quality services and offer our best to all those looking to us. Suggestions of profitable investments are given to our clients so that their money is safe to invest in buying our products wholesale for further business. Our priority is to make the procedures safer and easier for our clients.


  • We believe in dealing with products from major countries.
  • Work monitoring in main countries including GCC and Europe.
  • Feasible availability of import and export of products.
  • Highly demanded products are what we bring to our clients.


  • One stop shopping for the clients from our dumping stations around the world.
  • Local supplies and wholesale products available in bulk for further opportunity for women to start their businesses from home.
  • Advanced infrastructure facilities and roads help in easy and improved shipping of your products.