Namglobal as; The processing of personal data of real persons, including our members, visitors, suppliers, and employees, under the Constitution of the UAE and international conventions to which our country is a party on human rights and the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and the rights of the relevant persons whose data is processed. It is our priority to ensure that it is used effectively.

Therefore, but not limited to the aforementioned; Namglobal. We carry out according to the Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy (“Policy”).
The protection of personal data and the observance of the fundamental rights and freedoms of real persons whose personal data are collected are the basic principles of our Policy regarding the processing of personal data. For this reason, we carry out all our activities in which personal data are processed by observing the rights of protecting the privacy of private life, the privacy of communication, freedom of thought and belief, and using effective legal remedies.

To protect personal data, we take all administrative and technical protection measures required by the nature of the relevant data under the legislation and current technology.

This Policy explains the methods we follow for the processing, storage, transfer, and deletion or anonymization of personal data shared during our commercial or social responsibility and similar activities within the framework of the principles.

All personal information processed by the Company, including our visitors, business contacts, business partners, employees, suppliers, members, third parties, are covered by this Policy.

Our Policy is applied in activities related to the processing of all personal data owned or managed by the Company. It has been handled and prepared under relevant legislation on personal data and international standards in this field.