Basmati Rice 386 Pre-Steam Rice

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Basmati Rice 386 Pre-Steam Rice

Basmati Rice 386 Pre-Steam Rice


Known as long grain Basmati 386 Pre-Steam Rice, it is considered one of the most famous rice types in all world countries, especially the UAE; Pakistan and India are among the most prominent countries to grow it.

SOURCE of Energy

Basmati 386 Pre-Steam Rice is a healthy source that supplies energy to the whole body. It contains complex carbohydrates, which are essentially primary energy sources, and provides the body with about 50% of the calories per day.

Rich source of Energy in dietary fiber

Each half-cup of cooked White Rice contains the equivalent of 0.3 grams of dietary fiber, while per half cup of cooked brown rice contains about 0.9 grams of fiber.

Source of protein

White Rice is a natural source of protein. Although it does not contain raw proteins frequently, it includes the concentration of protein, which is easy to digest, easily absorbed by the body, has a high biological value, and is therefore considered a recommended food, especially for groups suffering from eating disorders.

A rich source Rice of vitamins

Basmati Rice 386 Pre-Steam Rice is one of the most vitamin-containing foods and minerals, as it carries vitamin E and many other vitamins: riboflavin, folic acid, thiamine, & niacin, all of which are useful to the body and help improve many body functions, including heart function, nervous system, liver functions, kidney, and digestive system, protects the skin and assists regenerate its cells.


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