Basmati Steam Rice

Product Features 
Origin Pakistan
Process Milled White Rice(RAW)
Broken Percentage 0%
Moisture under 14%
Average Grain Length 8.2-8.34mm
Polishing Grade 100% Double Polished Colour Sortexed & Proccessed
Texture Silky, Polished
Paddy Grain 1% Max
Color White
Storage Store in a Cool Place Protected from Light
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Basmati steam Rice


Basmati steam rice is a type of long-grain rice, which originates in South Asia. It is an essential part of people’s routine diet, especially in India and Pakistan, and today, its popularity is increasing worldwide due to its unique taste and quick cooking. Basmati steam rice is considered a super food as it includes the eight necessary amino acids, so it is a supreme food for people.


Basmati Steam Rice Benefits


The body energy from basmati steam rice consumption is released more slowly, making it suitable for people with diabetes (compared to other types of rice). It is considered one of the highest quality types of rice globally; it is the reason for its slightly higher price matched to other types of rice.


General types of Basmati Steam Rice

Basmati steam rice is recognized for its elongated grain, aroma, and flavor.

It blooms mainly in the foothills of the Himalayas, and its richness of taste and which this type of rice is grown. It is an excellent energy source because it exudes many carbohydrates also proteins and holds minimal fat and no potassium level. Non refined brown rice is richer in fiber than white.

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