Weightlifting Gloves Inner Hand Wraps

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Product Name Weightlifting Gloves Inner Hand Wraps
Brand Name Eximfast
Material Polyester + Cotton
Logo Customized
Origin Pakistan
Colour All Colour
Size Customized
Style Custom
MOQ 50
Design Customized

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Protection of hands is the most important thing for every person especially those involved in boxing and other mixed martial arts. Mixed Martial Arts Equipment has a wide range of products that provide extra cushioning to the hands for ultimate protection as well as comfort. Inner gloves and hand wraps, being one of them, are used mostly by professional boxing and even amateurs for this purpose. They provide additional security to the hands, and shields from bruises, cuts, and other injuries.

We bring you the most stylish, sleek, and supportive inner gloves that can be used for many types of contact sports. They are manufactured from high-quality polyester and cotton, which makes them very light-weight. These are designed to bind the bones of the hands into a homogeneous unit firmly so that in addition to protection against bruises, it also prevents bone breakage/ fractures. They are engineered with a half-finger design to ensure a firm grip, plus extended wrist coverage to support the wrist as well. The re usability and the ease with which they can be put on and off makes them very popular among the boxers. You can get them in any color or color combination of your choice. We have them all! You can let us know your requirements about the design, style, and size, it can all be customized as per the wish of the customer.

So get your hands on these super durable and fine pieces of weight lifting inner gloves or hand wraps, and wear them under your boxing gloves for extra protection of your hands, knuckles, and wrists. They are perfect for boxing, kickboxing, and all other types of Martial Arts. Whether you are in a competition or training up, this makes an essential part of the boxing kit.