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Mandarin Oranges

Name Values
Type Citrus Fruit
Variety Mandarin Kinnow
Place of Origin Pakistan
Color Bright Orange
Maturity Freshly Harvested
Shape Round + Oval
Size (mm) 48/56/72/80/100/105/
Shelf Life 2-3 weeks at room temp & 1-2 months in refrigerator
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
Grade AAA
Quality Standard Fresh and Clean Oranges with natural bright orange peel. No rotten content, No insect & bud disease. No defect/marks on the peel
Cultivation type Organic
Acidity 1.25 %
Weight (Single Orange) 80g – 150 g (Depends on the type)
Crop Type Fresh
Certification Halal
Juice Content High (48.09)
Taste Sweet & Sour (Delicious)
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Tangerine Orange

Product Name Tangerine Orange
Remark: 1) fresh, juicy, Sweet and sour taste
2) thin-skinned, little seed, without dregs
3) nutritious, high quality, good for health
Origin Pakistan
Temperater in Container 3 °C-5°C fresh mandrain orange
Available period From Middle or late November to next April.
Diameters 3.5-5.5cm
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