Majestic Trading Pvt Ltd a sister concern of Paradise Group of Companies is highly reputed leading banner of the country.  Because of its digitalized system and smooth sailing it has earned reliable name  among competitors  as well as clients.

Our professional team strongly believes that customers satisfaction is the essence of our business today.  It is matter of pride that Majestic Trading has technology with experties and products with demands. Our mind set is to win customer satisfaction. Majestic Trading excels from Karachi to Khyber and Gilgit to Quetta without any break and bound. It is highly trusted company amongst Karachi, Lahore , Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala and Gujrat  prime export and import zones.

Majestic Trading  is a company of wide range.  It’s vision is to  achieve  profitable  growth,  operational and organizational excellence without compromising our values and business ethics. Our values are loyalty,  honesty, integrity,  reliability, transparency and mutual respect. Being a widly recognized company established with an excellence in organizational structure we  intend to deliver upto the entire satisfaction of our clients and  customers.

Our business values and ethics are highly recognized and admired across board. Keeping our name synonyms with reliability, customer satisfaction and  innovation are leading goals of our company.  Majestic Trading is equally preferred choice for  customers,  suppliers and employees. Majestic Trading brings inspiration and a model for companies willing to reach their dreams. Our vision is to give  access to 100 plus items to the international competitive market. With the  blessings of Almighy we are graded the best  producers  and manufacturers.

Majestic Trading is highly reputed leading import and export company of the Paradise Group. Transparency and Commitment have always been its fundamental  principles. There may never have been a better time to take your businesses beyond borders and tap into new international markets ever before joining hands with Majestic Trading.

Majestic Trading imports and exports heavy machinery, construction machinery, luxury & sports cars, clinical equipments, gloves, masks, sanitizers, dispensers, reusable and disposable gowns, complete PPE stuff, visors, electrical hand sanitizers, sports and body fitness machinery, cell phones and accessories, leather products,

ladies and gents garments, wide range of fabrics and food commodities like vegetables, fruits, spices, cooking oils, rice, maize, meat, salt, chilli and sugar etc.

There are strong indications that the future of business is bright with current business opportunities offered by Majestic Trading . After a protracted period of trade turbulence, a collective sigh of relief will follow the recent business deals. Trade diversification a key element of future prosperity is putting considerable resources and support to get more businesses to internationalize.


Majestic Trading as a business friendly company is working hard to make it easier to do business here at home and abroad. The entire world wants to procure quality goods and services, to access the international market. Majestic  Trading is helping strengthen the economy and grow the business class. Majestic Trading bears solid domestic business plan with proven effectiveness. The company has specific advantages over the competition. It’s products and services are unique in one or more ways. The products and services are competitively priced. The company invests, time, people and capital. Entry into new markets may require such efforts. The company is sensitive and aware of the differences of doing business in other countries. If an organization does not have a solid business plan, struggling in its existing markets, producing and selling an ordinary product that is readily available, and has limited financial, human and production resources, is not in a good position to begin exporting.

Take advantage of support and resources

if going global is in your plans, be sure to make full use of the considerable support, services and resources available. A good place to start is export development agencies and trade commissioners but also consider checking into industry associations. Service providers such as training organizations, customs brokers and freight forwarders can also provide invaluable assistance.